Inventions by John Piccone



One of the most pure and inspiring ideas I’ve ever had. Woken from my sleep at 3 am and possessed with this idea. Within 2 hours there was a 5 page paper and 10 minute video. Requires many technical parts with specialized expertise. Combining technology in multiple fields including medical, optics, military, and computing. Once accomplished, and it will be one day. Whether it’s my invention or someone beating me to the punch with a similar concept. This will change healthcare as we know it and allow for the ushering of a new generation of data and treatment leading to health and longevity.

Filtered - A Pollution Solution

Our country and planet are producing environmental contagions at an alarming rate and despite constant updates to regulations and releasing of new technology, pollution is a problem. Large, bustling cities produce waste and byproducts that get into our air, water and soil. The first project is cleaing up the air in the cities with an invention


The PetCom is an advancement in communication for pets and many types of animals. This will allow for basic functional communication between pets and owners, animals and caretakers, veterinarians and more. The applications are broad and the concept is simple.


Contractor Pack

Customizable work packs made to order based on industry and profession. Professional Grade Tools, organized to fit in an all in one package that can be transported with ease.