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John Piccone


I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a kid, just never knew it. Yard work to shoveling and even a Lemonade Stand. Always trying to find a way to help people or solve a problem while making some money.


Ideas have been somewhat of a constant flow my entire life. Most were not worth the time it took to think of them. Every once in a while, there’s a gem. Working on a few of them now that have been on the burner



Making strides toward a better future. Selecting a number of charities and foundations to donate money, time and resources. It’s my goal to brighten the lives of many.


Occasionally take time to pursue hobbies and interests. Something has to help inspire and fuel the ambition to grow  and develop both personally and professionally.

John is one of the most conscientious young men I have ever known. I am constantly impressed with his drive and ambition to grow his businesses and continue to provide 5 Star Service for his customers.

Christoper Hearns

Owner, Clockwork Moving Company

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John Piccone

John Piccone