Full Service Digital Marketing Consulting & Services

Having used digital marketing as a core for building businesses,
and my professional foundation, I’ve naturally become a
digital marketing consultant and I’m here to help.

Effective Digital Marketing Consulting To Help Your Brand Grow

Brand Design & Strategy

Matching a brand concept to effect color schematics while keeping it simple and conveying brand intent through effective symbolism.


Copywriting strategy to ensure that our digital marketing efforts are being appropriately directed with relevent, high quality content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing or advertising can have a great impact for businesses large or small. From posting to effective targeting and design for well segmented ad sets, the team can help.

Team Training

Process optimization for digital marketing services and consulting will be essential to both achieving success with scale and with measurable results.

Audience Analytics

Our first steps of research, planning, and executing, your digital marketing plan will then lead to analytics and how the audience is receiving what’s being presented.

Web Design & Development

Web design & development is the foundation for much of what the public will see as your digital brand and we want to ensure success.

SEO Marketing

My personal favorite, SEO consulting or SEO services. If you or your company are looking to rank on top of Google or other search engines, reach out, we’ll have fun along the way.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered old school but has one of the best track records of any form of marketing. We integrate email consistently.

Drive More Traffic With An Effective Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consulting will help determine the best path for online growth and the resources to use along the way.

Starting with KPI research followed by goal assessment, strategy, and execution, digital marketing consulting can help your business learn where to find low hanging fruit amid the noise.

Get Your First Consult For Free!

Your first digital marketing consultation will be free of charge so we can ensure that we’ve learned as much as possible about your business to put it on the right track for digital marketing success.

Diverse & Effective

Digital Marketing Services

Having a comprehensive knowledgebase and background mixed with diverse and potent resources has led me to provide digital marketing services. Spearheaded by Media Saga Social SEO, a full service internet marketing agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado with satellite offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Brand design and strategy becomes an important part of growing any concept, particularly when generating revenue is important so take the right steps to lay a good foundation and grow.

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Color Selection becomes a cornerstone for the rest of the campaign and helps convey the brand ‘feel’.

Brand Message should be clear and easily delivered to consumers for fast recognition and association.

Brand Symbols should be clear and concise in inference or reference of brand and message.

Social Media Management

Social media management is often considered one of the most important channels for brands to apply a marketing effort.

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Understanding networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, + more.

Effective social media posting starts with an engaging message, mixed with effective targeting, and creative tool usage.

Targeting through effective copy, calls to action, and design that resonates.

Audience Analytics

Analysis of the ongoing efforts relating to marketing campaigns that can be measured online will be an important part of the ongoing growth and development of any brand.

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Figuring out KPI’s based on business goals and market research will produce a measuring stick based on indicators of performance, hence the term key performance indicators and the acronym, KPI.

Following trends and spikes to learn what works is often what helps to increase the number of “Aha!” moments by seeing a direct response in analytics based on a previous action and how it had an impact.

While some channels are proven as a way to generate leads and revenue, don’t let one singular channel dominate or ruin your general marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high in Google is how it all started. SEO consulting is my favorite part.

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Keyword Research establishes direction in a search engine optimization campaign which can then help determine appropriate KPI’s.

Website Review becomes essential as the foundation for your brand must be strong. Your website is the most important part of your brand online.

Content Strategy becomes an essential consideration once it’s realized that top rankings come through the strategic use of high quality content.

Copywriting & Strategy

Creating effective copywriting and strategy will come down to ensuring that your content includes relevant information, with high quality sources of information with bold calls to action.

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Sales Copy that consists of strong calls to action with appropriate affirmations.

Ad Copy with high quality term targeting and lsi integration to increase quality scores.

Blog Copy optimized for a combination of engagement, SEO, traffic, conversion, and lead generation.

Funnel Based Copy to meet consumer expectations, grow brand trust, and increase sales.

Creating effective copy can be considered a complicated matter, but it really comes down to strategy and execution.

Workshop & Training

Basic and brief tutorials and breakdowns of tactics to create workshops and trainings that companies can use to help their marketing staff manage campaigns.

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Campaign Organization. It becomes a foundation for reproducing and measuring effective campaigns.

Campaign Research. Is essential and without it most campaigns could take several times longer to achieve.

Campaign Execution. Is show time. Strong organization, research, and planning, are nice, but this is taking the swing.

Campaign Analysis. Measuring the results and then adapting to improve for the next round.

Web Design & Development

Ensuring that your website has a great design backed with solid development is going to be an important part of establishing the best possible digital marketing foundation for your brand.

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Website technology should be determined based on a combination of means, budget, and goals. These should be blended to create a conceptual approach to building the site.

Website design & layouts can be accomplished in a variety of ways from prefabricated templates to custom designed layouts.

Website integrations through api’s and custom modules will result in unique experiences that drive conversions and keep visitors happy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most consistent forms of digital marketing since the beginning. With a long term showing for consistently and reliability, email marketing is a great choice for many businesses.

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Niche research is essential to the success of any business in a difficult market but essential relating to email marketing. You only get a few seconds once an email is opened to make an impression.

Campaign planning provides a foundation for the campaign to use as a path and details what pieces of performance will be considered most important.

Sequence building can make or break the sale for long term relationship building style of sales.

Content development will have a huge impact. So be clear and engaging with the short time you’re given.