A little about me

John Piccone

A little about where I’m from.


  • Born September 15th, 1986 in San Jose, California to John & Pam Piccone (Seeber).
  • At the age of 7 our moved to New York with mom to take care of grandmother. Family decided to stay. Spent the remainder of my youth and teen years in Webster, a small suburb of Rochester, New York, a few minutes from Lake Ontario.
  • Upon graduating high school, moved to Costa Rica to spend time and work with my half brother Damon. After a year in the paradise, I returned to New York.
  • Moved to Denver at the age of 21. Have lived in Denver and the surrounding suburbs for the past 12 years.

Career path.

As a young man I took my first job at age 14. Starting about as low on the totem pole as possible being a dishwasher at a local Irish Bar and Restaurant. I quickly excelled and the family had me learning prep and line cook, bussing, bar backing, expo, and eventually serving. They were nice people and I enjoyed the place.

By 15 I picked up a second part time job working at the most well acclaimed Italian Restaurant in the region, Mario’s Via Abruzzi. The restaurant was a great place to work. The family was a group of very nice people that were very good at what they did. I worked there for several years and learned more about food, service, cooking, and restaurant operations than at any other location.

By 19 I picked up a job a

I decided to start a moving company around 22 years old. Turned out I had a knack for digital marketing and developing systems. Since then, building businesses has been a passion.

Never enjoyed talking about myself much, but will work on this more soon.

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